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Welcome to POP NI, the web portal for older people in Northern Ireland.

POP NI gathers information and news that could be of direct relevance to older people in the north of Ireland, their families and those who work with them.

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Old age is often seen as something of a get-out-of-gym-free card, but health experts are warning that, in reality, the opposite is true. Find out more on Men's Health
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Older people are living in fear of becoming victims despite slight fall in crime against over-65s, but one man remains defiant. Find out more on the Belfast Telegraph
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Number of over-45s in England admitted with drug-related mental problems rose 85% over decade Growing numbers of middle-aged and older people are ending up in hospital suffering serious mental health problems after taking drugs, new NHS statistics reveal. The number of people in England aged 45 and...

Details of organisations and services of interest to older people in the South Eastern HSC Trust are now available on POP NI and Rights4Seniors.

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Your Rights

Your Rights

To help you improve the quality of your life by accessing the benefits and entitlements you have a right to, Advice NI has developed Rights4Seniors

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