Holywood Dementia Empowerment Group

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017 to Saturday, 31 March, 2018, 00:00 - 00:00

Please contact Dementia NI on Tel: 02890 686768 for more details.
54 Elmwood Avenue
United Kingdom

Dementia NI invite people who live with a diagnosis of dementia, to join their local empowerment group. Group members support each other through friendship and understanding. The groups which run throughout Northern Ireland, empower people living with dementia to have a voice, and to remain active and part of their community.

Dementia NI group members help influence how people can live well after a diagnosis of dementia in Northern Ireland. The groups raise awareness by telling others what life is like to live with dementia. Group members engage with various organisations throughout Northern Ireland, to inform them of how to make their services, policies and practice more suitable for people living with dementia.

The need for this group is recognised by health trusts. Brenda Arthurs, Assistant Director in Primary Care & Nursing, South Eastern H&SC Trust says,   ‘We welcome the opportunity and look forward to working with Dementia NI. We are committed to providing high quality services for our local population and are actively involved in the development of the Regional Dementia Pathway. “     Anne from Newtownabbey, is already a member of her local group and offers examples of what the charity provides. She says,   “After my diagnosis, the relief that there was someone out there to help and understand me was so overwhelming. I wasn't alone anymore and that was such a fantastic feeling. I enjoy coming along to the groups, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to socialise, to share experiences and have my thoughts and opinions heard. The group has given me the confidence to feel proud of myself and make me feel that I have a place in society again.”     Tara Collins Programme Manager for Dementia NI, says:   “At present we are encouraging individuals with a diagnosis of any type of dementia who reside within the South East Trust catchment area, to join their local group. We are delighted with our progress to date.”     Get involved…   For more information, please contact Dementia NI on Tel: 02890 686768 or Email: info@dementiani.org   


2 March 2017 - 10:48am