New dementia campaign launches as research reveals the true cost to business of dementia

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Public Health England (PHE) and the UK's Alzheimer’s Society have joined forces in a major new campaign to help create a more dementia friendly society. To mark the launch of the campaign new research has been released showing signs of a shift in willingness from business to become more dementia friendly. A report compiled by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) for Dementia Friends showed that: most businesses have already provided or would consider providing a range of support to carers of someone living with dementia. A total of 87% of businesses surveyed have or would consider letting carers work flexible hours more than half of businesses would consider providing a range of support to dementia carers such as flexible working hours (63%), extended leave (61%), working from different locations (53%) and counselling and support (51%) around 18% would consider paying for respite care the average person diagnosed with dementia has been in their current job for at least 9 years. The relatively rapid progression of the disease from diagnosis means that it is inevitable that many individuals affected while still working will have to take early retirement at some point, however with support from employers they may be able to keep working for longer Read more here.

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Thursday, 8 May, 2014 - 11:16