New Report Highlights Employment Issues for Older People

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Older people and work

A report published by The Women and Equalities Committee has concluded that older people in the UK are being discriminated against in the workplace. 

It is estimated that more than a million older people in the UK are unable to find work due to age discrimination. 

The report found that ageism is still a significant problem and is denying older people the chance to use their experience, knowledge and skills by continuing to work in later life. Some of the recommendations to improve employability amongst older people include:

  • Flexible working to allow older people to access the labour market
  • A statutory right to four weeks of unpaid carer’s leave per year
  • An additional five days of paid carer’s leave, available to all working carers
  • Implementation of age-friendly employment standards

The committee has also called on the Equality and Human Rights Commission to "submit a clear plan of action including specific timeframes to investigate, intervene and enforce the law which prohibits discrimination based on age."

You can read the full report here -> Older People and Employment. 

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Thursday, 2 August, 2018 - 13:39