NHI statement re HIQA publication: Annual overview report on the regulation of designated centres for older people

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Nursing Homes Ireland today, 6th May, acknowledges publication of HIQA’s Annual overview report on the regulation of designated centres for older people – 2013.  The report looked at all centres, public, private and voluntary and encompasses a look back at HIQA’s regulatory programme over an extended period.   NHI notes HIQA’s statement that there has been significant improvements in delivery of safe and quality care provided to people living in residential care.  Findings emanating from inspections assist in the continual improvement in the quality of services for older people. The report states numerous examples of good practice were found across nursing homes and these are reflected in published reports for individual centres.  Notifications identified within the report are all submitted by nursing home owners and managers. The notifications confirm that providers are constant in notifying the Authority of incidents and risks arising that are inherent elements in the day-to-day operation of designated centres. HIQA states within the report that inspectors response to a notification can range from reviewing the notification at the next inspection, requesting additional information or documentation from the provider, or scheduling an inspection visit. The nursing home sector is robustly regulated and inspected as evidenced within the report, which outlines 814 inspections were carried out by the Authority in the 565 registered public, private and voluntary nursing homes in 2013. The vast majority of inspections were unannounced (78%). Of 565 registered providers, formal enforcement procedures was used in respect of one centre and closure of the one nursing home in 2013 was with the consent of the provider. NHI Members have embraced HIQA’s recently introduced thematic inspections that are focussed on driving further improvements in quality and safety within the sector. HIQA notes the “positive impact” of the inspections, stating the findings of the reports from participant nursing homes “provide us with assurance that the centres inspected show signs that they are continually improving the care provided to residents in the areas of food and nutrition and end-of-life care.” The report acknowledges and recognises the importance of effective stakeholder engagement, stating it “continues to be a key aspect of improving services for older people in Ireland” and is a “value-adding activity” that contributes to effective regulation, risk management, learning and innovation in the provision of care within nursing homes. NHI recognises the critical role of HIQA in supporting care provision and will continue to be proactive in engagement with the Authority to continually drive improvements in care delivery for older persons in residential care. For further information you can contact Michael McGlynn, NHI Communications & Research Officer, at 01 4292570 or 087 9082970.
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