Request - Were you born in 1921?

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To mark the centenary of the creation of Northern Ireland, we’re looking to hear from people born in 1921 who might like to talk to us about growing up, their families, their work, and how their lives changed through the decades.

DoubleBand Films, based in Belfast, is making a documentary called Born in 21’ for BBC NI and would like to tell the story of the state through the lives of ordinary people, born at the time of it’s foundation in 1921.  We are interested in talking to them about their family backgrounds, where they grew up, their childhoods, their lives during the Second World War, and other significant events such as the beginnings of the Troubles.  

Conversation would focus on their own families, their work, and how their lives changed through the decades. Their own personal and family stories will then be weaved through interviews with historians who will talk about the key moments and events in the history of Northern Ireland, from it’s birth to the present day.

Maybe you work with older people.  Maybe it's you. Or maybe it's your grandparents, great aunts and uncles or neighbours.  

If you would like to know more about the project, contact: Sharon Whittaker - 028 9024 3331/ 

DoubleBand Films are a Belfast-based production company, who make factual programmes for BBCNI. BBC network and C4.

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