Your Rights

Your Rights

To help you improve the quality of your life by accessing the benefits and entitlements you have a right to, Advice NI has developed Rights4Seniors


Take care of your body and keep a positive frame of mind to improve your physical and mental health. Know your health rights too as you will depend on them when you need them most. This is especially important too as we live in an ageing society and mental health issues are on the increase.  

If you do fall ill, though, the last thing you or your family want to think about is all the questions we may have regarding our health rights. Therefore, we provide easy-to-find answers for your health matters.  

Community Care

Community care is the support and services that help us to live independently at home and within our community. Community care services may support you at home, offer access to day care or respite, or even provide you with sheltered housing.

A consequence of this has been an increase in the number of people seeking information on the provision of community care services and on their rights and entitlements to those services. We have also prepared information directly relevant to carers.


It is essential that you understand state retirement pension to plan for your retirement but the many rules and regulations can be complicated.

To help plan for retirement you should understand both The Old and the  New State Pension Scheme. We will give you a better understanding of the old state pension and the qualifying conditions to ensure you are receiving the correct amount whether you reached retirement age before or after 6th April 2016.

Dealing with debt

Dealing with Debt

Debt difficulties can arise for a range of different reasons, but most commonly people get into debt due to factors beyond their control such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, ill health and retirement.

Many of these changes may affect us particularly in later years, and dealing with debt will therefore be an issue of great importance to many older people. If you are struggling with debt, it can drastically impact upon your ability to manage your money effectively, as well as negatively affecting your health and wellbeing.


Avoiding Scams

Every year, thousands of people fall victim to various frauds and scams, and many of these go unreported, with the victim receiving no compensation for their financial loss. It should be noted that older people are less liable to become victims of crime in comparison with every other age group.

Nevertheless, it is vital for you to be aware of some of the scams that are out there, as well as knowing what to do if you think that you have been a victim of a fraud or scam.


Your house is your home and you hope to get as much enjoyment from it as possible. We help make your housing options easier to understand and also outline the grants and schemes available to help you with repairs and adaptations.

Whatever housing option you make, it is essential to keep yourself safe and secure, and your home warm. Therefore, we help guide you to the support you may get to make your home more energy efficient and you feel safe and secure in your own home.


The cost of living has increased over the past few years and many are struggling to make ends meet. Benefits can help to provide or supplement a much-needed income to a household.

It is essential, therefore, that you access those benefits which are available to you in your circumstances. They are yours by right and may help improve the quality of your life. We have provided you with a beginner's guide to benefits you can expect in later life. Then we discuss those benefits that will help improve your quality of life.



Developing good budgeting skills is the foundation of managing your money at every stage of life. The principles of effective budgeting are simple, but easily overlooked when juggling bills and spending priorities.

Budgeting is especially important in later life as many older people find themselves having to manage on reduced incomes, deal with higher fuel bills or cope with financial pressures following life changes such as bereavement or health difficulties.

Maximise your income

Maximise your income

Regardless of what money you have coming into your household each week, there are ways and means to make what money you have go further. This is often the simplest step you can take to ease financial pressures and increase the amount of money you have in your pocket day-to-day. 

Maximising your income is about both securing extra income from any available sources, and making your money go further by identifying savings wherever possible.



Getting around in later life makes everyday tasks such as shopping, paying bills and going to the doctor that much easier.  Otherwise, you may not be able to maintain social activities or visit family members. These are all simple things that many take for granted and yet those who cannot get out and about are at an immediate disadvantage.

Access to transport can help you enjoy a better quality of life. It can help combat the feeling of isolation and exclusion.  You may qualify for free transport or be able to get essential travel costs paid to and from hospital or use community transport.